Checkout Nate's latest project: Honey, That's Mine! a boardgame for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Go Go Redball! 2 Released
I finally released Go Go Redball! 2, the latest version of my Mac OS X Dashboard widget. This version has many improvements, some obvious such as the ability to change colors and others not so obvious such as support for 30 inch displays. I also made a custom site, Check it out.

I had to write a web kit plug-in to get rollovers working since they're almost entirely busted in the Dashboard currently. Luckily the work I'd done for Sketcher was useful, I just wrote some nice and fancy object oriented Javascript. I hope to post more about that in detail later.
Exclusive: iPod Video
Unlike all the recent fakes I have a photo of the real deal, the mythical iPod Video. I saw this at a restaurant and I quickly snapped a photo before the owner realised.

Pay attention to details such as the user interface, seen here for the first time, the extremely crisp and bright screen, as well as the new horizontal orientation. I can't wait to buy one!

The Elusive iPod Video

I personally guarantee this wasn't photoshopped from photos of older model iPods or anything like that!
Damn Emails Lost
My web host lost my domain for a few days over the holidays. They emailed me to say it had been restored but neglected to say that my email addresses had not and I didn't realise until today. In case anyone had tried to contact me now you can.

For anyone not lucky enough to have my email address already you can use this form to do so.
Featured Widget For December 15
Sound Volume

I like bouncy things
For those of you that use a Mac I've made another Dashboard widget. This one likes to bounce. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing bad physics in Javascript.
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