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No need for Windows now
Finally I can play on PokerStars without running windows. I'm not sure I need Windows on my Mac anymore - even for C# dev at work I just use the mac version of remote desktop. I'm so happy.
How to Use Gmail on Your iPhone
I have both a Gmail and Yahoo Mail account, so I was planning to use my yahoo account with the iPhone to get mail pushed to me. However, my testing shows that push is currently not working. Perhaps it's because I have edge disabled. Whatever the reason, I decided to use Gmail instead.

Gmail has been my main account for several years now. Setting up a gmail account on the iPhone is easy enough - the iPhone has an account preset, you just type in your username and password and then make sure POP access is turned on in with gmail itself. Then I realised that gmail wasn't perfect either: it was sending me back messages I had sent. I scoured the net for solutions and found nothing, so I've written this guide on how to do it properly.

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Playstation 3s sitting on a shelf at Wal-mart
Lately on Digg and elsewhere there has been discussion of the Playstation 3's availability, especially in comparison to the Wii. At about 6pm today on December 23rd I was at Wal-mart and overheard a man on a cellphone convincing someone it was time to give up on trying to find a Wii. Meanwhile I saw two Playstation 3s sitting on the shelf:

Lonely Playstations
Winning the Living Room

Microsoft is going to have downloadable HD movies for the xbox 360. While not the first to announce such a service—with Apple's iTV being the most notable, already-announced competitor—Microsoft's November 22 release date will give them a head start in the market. Who will win the living room?

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Go Go Redball! on Stage at WWDC
Go Go Redball on Stage at WWDC
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